Your Windshield View


Would you drive a car without a windshield?  So why not see where you’re going as it happens now?  Uh, not so simple?  Well, it can be, right here and now is the how:

Use the Jamie Principle of CUCMeNow:
with everyone that matters in producing your outcome, your bottom line, and that is everybody who works for your (and their) bottom dollar.  How?  By setting up the following three things with our help, and then manage it yourselves as part of your ongoing growth and learning process.

Find and document your true workflow:
with everyone you have in your “income production” line, from first customer contact to receiving revenue, and everything that needs to happen in between.

Define your critical daily data input:
with everyone that has the actions in hand that produce the action information in your workflow.

Design your desired Windshield View:
with everyone that has the need and desire to see certain things move in action daily and can respond to what’s coming and what is anot coming as it should.  That includes you.

We help organize every step of the way until you are up and running with a system you and your staff designed the way you all want it.  We show you how it can and will change with experience over a short time and as you go.  We will show you how to do that by doing it with you all.

Our work spans a wide spectrum of businesses, organizations and project types. For additional live demos, quick slide presentations and videos, click here: MY QUICK DEMOS

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