The Jamie Principle in Process Accountability

When some years ago Jamie H. said to me: “Why don’t you put it on the server, Ho”, and everyone gained access 24/7 (to each other’s work status), the Jamie Principle was born:

Transparency and mutual observation in real time breeds natural accountability and maximum cooperation and group learning.

or “the nutshell” of it: CUCMeNow

a. “I can see you”(r status of progress) 24/7, as/while you enter new info.

b. “You can see me” and everybody too in the same way.

c. The boss can see us all without reports, and we can see his/her feedback and contributions right then and there as well.

d. We know where we all stand and what each of us needs to do.

e. All this happens instantly at any moment without email, calls or reports.

Call me to talk about your experience today and how you want things to change.  We just may be able to help.  And to make it work, you don’t have to buy or add anything.  No, you won’t end up “dependent” on us or any software.  We will train you and your staff to get to DIY/MIY (Manage It Yourself) status quickly and remain on standby for occasional help, only when you need to solve a new development or change you wish to get our input/support.